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Solder Paste Stencil Printer

Name F450 Automatic Solder Paste Printer
Model Jaguar F450

High accuracy printing printer designed for SMT high precision screen printing or stencil printing in PCB assembling.



PCB Parameters PCB  
Maximum PCB Size   (X x Y)
450mm x 320mm
Minimum PCB Size   (X x Y)
50mm x 50mm
PCB Thickness
PCB Warpage
Max. PCB Diagonal 1%
Maximum PCB Weight
Plate Edge Clearance
Up to 3mm
Maximum Bottom Clearance
Speed of Transmission
Apart from the Ground Transmission Height
Transfer Orbit Direction
Left-Right, Right-Left, Left-Left, Right-Right
Transmission Mode
One Stage
Clamping Direction of PCB
Top parallelogram plate institutions flatten software adjustable elastic pressure side pressure, the bottom of the overall multi-point partial vacuum or suction vacuum 
Board Support Method
Magnetic Pin/Contour Blocks/Special Workpiece Fixture
Printing Parameters  
Print Head
Two Single Direct Connection Motor Drive
Form Work Frame Size
370mm x 470mm~737 mm x 737 mm
Maximum Printing Area  (XxY)
450mm x 320mm
Squeegee Type
Steel/Rubber Squeegee Blade(Angle:45/55/60 or according to actual effect to set the angle)
Length of Squeegee
Height of Squeegee
Thickness of Squeegee
0.25mm Diamond-like carbon
Printing Mode
Single or Double Squeegee Printing
Stripping Length
0.02 mm - 12 mm
Printing Speed
6 mm/sec - 200 mm/sec
Printing Pressure
0.5kg - 10Kg
Printing Stroke
±200 mm(from central)
Image Parameters  
Imaging Horizon   (FOV)
6.4mm x 4.8mm
Adjustment Range
Benchmark Type
Standard Shapes (Refer to SMEMA SPEC) PAD and Opening
Camera System
Single camera ,up/down single imaging visual system, geometric matching orientation
Performance Parameters  
Calibration Repeat Precision
±12.5micron/ (±0.0005") @6 σ,Cp≥2.0
Printing Repeat Precision
±25 micron/ (±0.001") @6 σ,Cp ≥ 2.0
Cycle Time
Changeover Time
Power Requirement
Compressed Air Requirement
4~6Kg/cm2, 10.0 Diameter of Tube
Operating System
Windows XP
Outline Dimension
1140mm x 1400mm x 1480mm
Weight of Printer


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