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From:    Author:Elaine Fang    Publish time:2015-08-05 16:26    Clicks:187

Shenzhen Jaguar Automation Equipment attend EEIE (ELECTRONIC  EQUIPMENT INDUSTRY EXPOSITION)in Shenzhen Exhibition Center  from July 29-31,2015 in No.3 Hall, 3T-13.


Jaguar R8(reflow oven), N200(wave solder) and Top-350(soldering  machine) attended this exhibition and rewarded high approval from visitors.

As for R8 reflow solder oven, new modular design make the machine more easier to that reducing the maintenance time and cost, special furnace design ensures the good insulation, with the lower power consumption of the same kind. Next, the machine equipped with power protection UPS, so that the PCB board can be ensured with the normal output after a power failure without damage. What's more, high quality, high temperature and high speed motor bring thesteady wind transmission, with minor vibration and lower noise.


As for N200 wave solder machine, we have three kind of control method: PC+PLC,Button+PLC,Touch Screen+PLC, PLC (Siemens  from Germany) is used to control the machine, to ensure the  reliability and stability of the system.

The reasonable design and sensitive fault security alarm system ensure the stable performance and operators' safety.

Top-350(wave soldering machine) is also very pop with the buyer. With independent temperature control in 3 sections that can insure to achieve the best heating efficiency. Automatic claw cleaning function ensure the cleanliness of claws. What's more, special alloy transportation chain claws, non-stick tin  and ensures the quality of welding PCB board.
In a word, our machine with features of efficient, energy saving, lead-free, environment friendly, safe and brand-new design, simple operation, convenient maintenance. Besides, they also adopt the memory function of black box, which can call out the generated management record at any time in order to increase the working efficiency.
With all of our efforts, we achieve a great success. Thanks for all the established and new customers coming.

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