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Jaguar Automation Company Profile
Shenzhen Jaguar Automation Equipment Co., Ltd (referred to as  "Jaguar") is a High-speed developing enterprise of High Precision Automatic lead-free Equipment such as reflow oven and wave soldering machine manufacturer, which specializes in lead free machine research and development for years. 
As one of the well-known lead-free electronics equipment manufacturers in China, JAGUAR was founded in 2009 and headquartered in Shenzhen.
so, what we can do for you and what kind of services we can offer?
1. we can provide full SMT solution.
2. we can provide you with top technical support.
3. we have enrich experience on SMT factory set up.
4.we can provide the best professional tech service.
5.we can help you to deal with all the trouble about SMT.
6.we are committed to provide the best solution to our clients. 
Services and products:
Our company is professional in manufacturing wave soldering machine and reflow oven,besides both two kinds of products, we also engaged in offering SMT conveyor, pick and place machine, LED equipments, PCB loader and unloader, solder paste and other SMT machines.
Product shows:
Our services, we devote to serve customers and meet all of their diversified requirments with stable technical level, innovative design concept, precise manufacturing process, reasonable price and customer first after-sales system.
JAGUAR has been committed to offer high quality and cost performance lead-free reflow ovens and  wave solderling machines to meet our customer assembling requirements since foundation. Presently, we have researched and developed 4 sorts of environmental friendly reflow oven, A series, M series, F series and R series. we have also developed wave soldering machines. Our machines are not only used wildly in electronic circuit, LED industry, instruments and apparatuses, but also in household appliances, such as washing machine, microwave, television ect.
Machine highlights:
1.Windows XP operation system, both English and Chinese version are avaliable, it is very easy to understand and operate.
2.All the machine will equip PID and SSR to monitor the temperature shift, so we can adjust the temperature for our production all the time.
3. All of our machine parts are imported by the famous brand, such as PLC is from Siemens in Germany, SSR is from KETE in America, Air switch come from Schneider from France and so on.
4. The stainless steel mesh make the machine run stably and smothly, it causes lower noise.
5. The temperature difference of the various zones can reach 100 centigrades, but they are not influenced each other, because all of the zones can be controlled independently.
6. the machine with the auto shut off or shut on function, so that it can protect the system from emergency.
7.Special alloy transportation chain claws, non-stick tin and ensures the quality of welding PCB board.
8.Our machines meet all kinds of PCBs soldering requirments.
With full implementation of the PID process, reliability design concept and reliability testing throughout the entire product line, The company insists on market demand, established offices in various provinces and cities in the country, built a perfect marketing and customer service network in the international market, covering over 3500 users.JAGUAR has become the industry well-known brands.In the next few years, entered a rapid development phase, JAGUAR will develop to become an internationally renowned enterprises in the electronic equipment industry.